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Need-to-know tips and tricks for smooth healing!


Congrats on your new piercing, it looks awesome! …but now comes the important part of keeping it clean and healing responsibly! So, here’s a few tid-bits that are need-to-know!


Rule #1: NO PLAYING WITH THE JEWELRY OR PICKING AT THE CRUSTIES! … I know, I know, “it’s so satisfying!” but the crust is your body expelling dead skin, and if you start playing with it or twisting it around then you are just shoving back inside all that dead skin that your body just pushed out. …and no one tries to put poop back inside, right? Same thing! LET IT GOOOO!


RULE #2: **It’s vital to keep it clean and dry!**

-Clean TWICE DAILY (morning and night) with EITHER sterile saline or non-scented soap diluted with hot water. Q-tips make your life tremendously easier ;)

-No going to sleep on wet hair for fresh ear piercings! ...ever seen a wet scab? Let’s not do that to your pretty new adornment, please.


RULE #3: Fresh piercings are always initially given extra jewelry length to accommodate for the swelling/cleaning/healing process, but it is important to downsize to fitted jewelry after about 6-8 weeks


RULE#4-ORAL PIERCINGS: Rinse 2-3x daily with Biotene or non-alcohol mouthwash. Rinse with water after earing and drinking. No whitening products, no “special kisses” and remember to avoid spicy food or food where tiny pieces can get stuck (like Quinoa) while healing! Maintain oral hygiene such as teeth brushing as normal.


Additional important tips to remember:

Some ear piercings, such as tragus or daith piercings mean not using an air pod/earbud in that side for the next several weeks.

Body piercings, such as navels, requires not wearing high waisted jeans or tough belt buckles while healing. Also, no lounging in pools, hot tubs, tanning beds, or oils for the next several weeks!

For the love of all piercing Gods, please do not let anyone lick or suck your healing piercing. Only compliments and admiration.

Soreness, redness, swelling or even some initial spotting is all considered normal during the healing process for fresh piercings!



Don’t ever hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns and please always feel free to come in for check-ups, downsizes, and changing jewelry!